YO-257 ship wreck scuba diving location Hawaii, located off of Oahu - wreck diving Honolulu Hawaii.

Scuba Diving Companies in Oahu that Dive YO-257

Yo-257 shipwreck of Oahu is great for video and photography.

One of the most interesting scuba dives is the YO-257 shipwreck of Hawaii. Various dive companies in Honolulu scuba dive this wreck dive. It is important to go with an organization who understands the shipwreck very well and has experienced seasoned dive instructors who can handle the particularities of this challenging ship wreck of Hawaii.


Oahu Diving - One of Oahu's best and most experienced all-around dive companies.

Hawaii Shipwreck Diving Tours- Oahu's newest and well schooled advanced diving company dedicated to wreck dive in Oahu.

Breeze Hawaii- Oahu's most complete dive shop in Honolulu. Servicing gear, selling gear and rental.