YO-257 ship wreck scuba diving location Hawaii, located off of Oahu - wreck diving Honolulu Hawaii.

Yo-257 Marine life Oahu

Lots of marine life make their home on the Yo-257 shipwreck. Most scuba divers on Oahu will immediately notice the Hawaiian green sea turtles that seem to have taken over the Yo-257's main decks. These gentle giants are routinely seen as deep we the YO-257 sits which is roughly 115 feet. However most of the time these turtles tend to lay motionless on the main decks.

Eagle rays are also commonly seen patrolling the perimeter of the Yo-257. Eagle rays usually school in groups of 3 or more however seeing just one is not uncommon. With the visibility being so clear you can occasionally see one on the bottom scavenging in the sand, looking for craps and urchins.

Other unique fish you will see is the balloon shaped puffer fishes. Various species of puffers do make their home on the Yo-257 such as the spiny puffer fish and the boney puffer fish shown above. The most intelligent animal on this wreck has to go to the octopus. This strange alien like creature runs around the Yo-257 however as stealth as they are the octopuses are no match for the different types of eels that also enjoy the old pipes and concealment that the Yo-257 offers.

Sharks are common on this wreck, mainly the white tip reef shark. Other sharks do show up on the Yo-257 shipwreck like the Galapagos and the dreaded tiger shark. To scuba divers here in Hawaii these sharks are just another big fish cruising around. Really, tiger sharks with their ferocious apatite generally stay away from scuba divers preferring to just investigate and move on. To our knowledge Hawaii scuba divers have never been attacked while scuba diving here in Hawaii.

Frogfish is by far this shipwreck's most laid-back fish. Its sluggish movements and careless attitude towards dives make this fish a photographers' dream. The frogfish looks slow but when hungry they have one of the fastest animal strikes in the world. Butterfly fish are another favorite for photographers truly making the scenery of the Yo-257 a tropical paradise.

We recommend when photographing on the Yo-257 shipwreck to use an external strobe. Light seems to fade fast , not to mention at 100 feet the sun rays do not make it possible to get good pictures.

The Yo-257 shipwreck of Hawaii is an excellent dive. We just touched briefly on the types of fish and marine life that call this wreck their home.