YO-257 ship wreck scuba diving location Hawaii, located off of Oahu - wreck diving Honolulu Hawaii.

Specifications & FAQs About the YO-257 Diving

Q:How deep is the Yo-257 Shipwreck
A: The average depth is roughly 115 feet deep with the main decks at 80 feet.

Q: How was the YO-257 sunk ? How did it get there ?
A:It was sunk by the Atlantis Submarine company back in 1989.

Q: Did the YO-257 see action in WW2 ?
A: Yes and no. Yes it was around and did her services in WW2 but was never in direct conflict.

Q: When was the YO-257 built and where ?
A:The YO-257 was built in the Puget Sounds in the early 1940s.

Q:How long does it take to get to the YO-257?
A:10-15 minutes depending on the boat.

Q:What was the role of the YO-257 shipwreck?
A:Well first of all the "YO" stands for "Yard Oiler" which means this boat carried fuel. To be exact 200,000 gallons of it.

Q: What is the typical bottom time ?
A:Roughly 25 minutes, these times can vary from person to person and depth attained during the dive.

Yo-257 Ship Wreck Specifications